7 pics: Reflections – Huge mural by Martín Ron in Argentina

Muralist Martín Ron

By Martín Ron in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Argentina.

Martín Ron: It is the second work of my series called “reflections”, which evokes the historical downspout of the Paraná River. A situation that surprised me when I visited this beautiful town. Here Olivia invites us to reflect on issues of vital importance such as the situation of the River that gives life to much of this region.

Although I began to paint this mural last year, I opportunely present this work today because the panorama is less encouraging and the consequences are even greater. Droughts and fires in Corrientes put the lives of many people, many species and natural ecosystems at risk.

This river has a long history and it is the lowest level of the last 80 years. We do not know if it is irreversible for the 14th longest river in the world and which used to be the tenth largest (for those who know Guaraní mythology, there is a hidden Yaguaron).


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