The Daily 10! – Graffiti and Street Art News #17

10 new artworks from graffiti and street artists around the world

Every day, graffiti and street artists sharing their art via social media and in direct contact with us. In our “The Daily 10!” we put some of it in the spotlight (+some old but new for Street Art Utopia).

Links and information under each photo.

Feel free to share on social media, blogs and send a tip about it to your local media!

Dirty Car Art Gorilla by Nikita Golubev in Moscow, Russia. Photo by Artem Ionin.

“The Most Fundamental Shape of Existence” by CTO in 375 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Australia.

CTO: A Torus. A continuous surface with a hole in it. You can see it everywhere – in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, fruits, plants, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole.

“Overload“ by WOSKerski at Shoreditch High Street railway station in London, UK.

By SEKTA in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Roronoa Zoro” by Hijodel Graffiti in Calama, Chile.

By LA-based street artist WRDSMTH in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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