The Daily 10! – Graffiti and Street Art News #14

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    10 new artworks from graffiti and street artists around the world

    Every day, graffiti and street artists sharing their art via social media and in direct contact with us. In our “The Daily 10!” we put some of it in the spotlight (+some old but new for Street Art Utopia).

    Links and information under each photo.

    Feel free to share on social media, blogs and send a tip about it to your local media!

    King Betta mural by Clara Leff in Caraguatatuba, Brazil.

    Alone in the world was a little CatDog by Priestcorp.

    “POTOSI CALLING!” on The Clash by Invader in Potosí, Bolivia.

    OCTOGON by Slama Land Art at Ušće Neretve in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Slama Land Art: OCTOGON – SAN – Sand Art Neretva festival 2021 – diameter ca 25 m, sand drawing inspired by Islamic art in which the use of octogonal shapes and stars based on sacred geometry is quite often and especially becomes very intricate.

    By Rise One in Merksem, Antwerp, Belgium.

    Piggy Bank.

    “Songs don’t make themselves” by SEPC in Manizales, Colombia. 

    “EQUILIBRIUM” by ASUR in Tlayacapan, Mexico for the festival Festival de Arte Público.

    By Claire Foxton with assistans of Ash Taylor in Brisbane, Australia for South City Square. Photo by Graham Adkins

    By Pedro Skorsk in Mexico City.

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