Black sea 2022 – By MUE BON in Rayong, Thailand

Street Artist MUE BON

By MUE BON in Rayong, Thailand.

MUE BON: Recently, oil from the pipeline that leaked into the water about 20 kilometers off the coast of Rayong, south of Pattaya, has begun to hit the beaches. This incident has a direct impact on the environment affecting aquatic animals, birds, crabs or shellfish living in the sand and marine plants that are food for aquatic life. Although some effects do not occur immediately, they will persist for a long time and gradually penetrate deep into the water and sandy beaches with toxic residues. In addition, removal is not easy to eliminate completely at once.

In the last 45 years, there have been more than 235 oil spills in the Thai seas. Repeated oil spills have occurred in the Thai seas and have never been taken as a lesson in solving this problem seriously!

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