The Daily 10! – Graffiti and Street Art News #10

10 new artworks from graffiti and street artists around the world

Every day, graffiti and street artists sharing their art via social media and in direct contact with us. In our “The Daily 10!” we put some of it in the spotlight (+some old but new for Street Art Utopia).

Links and information under each photo.

Feel free to share on social media, blogs and send a tip about it to your local media!

Stencil of Trinity from The Matrix

“The Escape” By JDL STREET ART and help by SMOK in Eindhoven, Netherlands for Gemeente Eindhoven. Photo by Rian Nijssen.

“When ‘Anonymous’, here after called ‘Sam’, entered the high-end drug criminality scene, he did not consider the fact that nearly nobody has ever been able to get out. From that moment on, Sam signed for life to live everyday in fear and trouble without any chance of escape. In some cases these criminal organisations are shaped by families who raise their children to be in crime, passing generation after generation. From birth, these children are born in a criminal prison where they can’t get out.” – Read it all here

“I Heart Kuching” by Leonard Siaw 萧艺 in Kuching, Malaysia.

Leonard Siaw 萧艺: The cat in the mural is the symbolism of Kuching city, also known as the “Cat City”, owing the fact that the word Kuching is actually derived from the Malay word “kucing”, it translates “cat”. And it gently cuddles by the lady who smile through the pain that overcomes the battle against thalassemia, which portrays positive vibe and the passion & compassion of Kuchingites/Cat Citizens.

By Tato Caraveo in Phoenix, Arizona.

By Moins12prod at 1 All. du du Picpoul in Montpellier, France for Médecins du Monde. Photo by bleutrOuble.

Ladybug by Ceser87.

By ADOR in Legé, France.

By Irony in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, UK for Seedhead Arts.

A Young Owl! Trash Art by BORDALO II. The colourful side represents new questions, ideas and solutions

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