The Daily 10! – Graffiti and Street Art News #6

10 new artworks from graffiti and street artists around the world

Every day, graffiti and street artists sharing their art via social media and in direct contact with us. In our “The Daily 10!” we put some of it in the spotlight.

Links and information under each photo.

Feel free to share on social media, blogs and send a tip about it to your local media!

“Hawk” by BORDALO II at Smas in Sintra, Portugal

By Alex Kanos in Geneva, Switzerland for House Of Paint Geneva.

“Here Comes the Sun” by Evan Mendel in Oxnard, California.

By Darion Fleming in Greensboro, NC for Clutch Coffee Bar.

“Uncle An” by Vance in China.

“Ways of not seeing” by Eloise Gillow in Port-de-Bouc, France for Les nouveaux ateliers.

By Uso Dsm in Mexico City.

By CREA at abandoned place in Italy.

“A rich shark lays back showing off” by Jay Flow in Ulsan, South Korea.

“TIME TO FLY” by CHEONE at Corso di Porta Romana, 111 in Milan, Italy for Street Art In Store. Photo by Wesualo.

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