“Sapiência” (Wisdom) by Wes Gama in Goiânia, Brazil

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    Street Artist Wes Gama

    “Sapiência” (Wisdom) by Wes Gama in Goiânia, Brazil produced by Lobo Guará Filmes. Photos by VALENTA.

    Wes Gama (direct translation): Sapiência is my new mural in downtown Goiânia in partnership with FIEG and Sesi Goiás a project that is very significant not only for technological and environmental issues, but because this work is also a social representation for the future, because thinking about a prosperous country, technological and sustainable is first and foremost to be included in it, so I hope that this mural is representative for many people and that they can see in the details of the art all these questions that are deeper and more necessary.

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