Photo by Barbara B

Street Artist Bifido

By Bifido at Viale Giosuè Carducci, 33 in Gambettola, Italy for Bosco – Urban Art Project.

Bifido (direct translation): This wall belongs to an old abandoned tobacco factory. For years, people of all sexes and ages have worked inside it, many hours a day. As is the case in thousands of other places. A life at work, a life without life. Life in your free time, spent being entertained in some refreshing recreational activity. I often think of the concept of free time. I hate free time. It is the charity of a society that wants us to be slaves. You are pregnant with a sweat that exhausts, without giving joy. Making a work at work for me meant expressing all my dissent against this absurd idea that work (as a mere sustenance) gives meaning to our life. Making art is my job and I love it.

Photo by Barbara B


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