Mural of Gihun from Squid Game 

Street Artist Akse from P19 Crew

Gihun by Akse in Manchester, UK.

Akse: Gi-hun picked the wrong shape for the Dalgona candy Challenge! I haven’t painted a proper fan art piece for a while. I’ve always wanted to pay homage to Korean cinema and had a portrait of one of my favorite actor, Song Kang-ho, in mind for years but never got to do it; so after binging on Squid Game last week I thought that was the time to finally do something about it! The type of Korean movies I enjoy are usually crime or horror movies which often explore themes of social inequality. I got into Korean movies after watching Bong Joon-ho’s Memories of Murder back in 2003, I was just blown away by the cinematography, the dark humour and the eccentric characters.


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