Dung Beetle – Mural on waste recycling

Photo by Benedicte PANARIELLO

French street artist duo Murmure

By Murmure in Stade Didier Deschamps in Bayonne, France for Points de Vue with Spacejunk Bayonne.

Murmure: This work questions the importance of waste recycling, and the tendency of developed countries to make great efforts to send the problem away from them. It questions the voluntary blindness of our societies, casting our problems away and expecting some sort of natural order to restore balance in the ecosystem.

The mural was entirely painted with acrylic and brushes, with the goal of being very realistic from a far, and as you come closer to see the brushes strokes and the color work. Also this wall is unique in a way as it is a traditional playground for Basque pelota and we wanted to keep as much as possible the natural beauty of it and play with it instead of totally covering it up to preserve this cultural heritage.


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