STAY SAFE (by Rasmus Balstrøm in Los Angeles)

Street Artist Rasmus Balstrøm

By Rasmus Balstrøm with the help of Atlasgraffiti and @nikoteee in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Part of BIO on Rasmus Balstrøm: “The political awareness has stayed with Balstrøm in his present artwork. He is known for his bold and straightforward way of using visual art to address current political issues, yet always keeping it humorous. This is seen in a variety of his pieces, notably his Danish piece “Spyttemanden og Ingerpigen”, a comment on the refugee crisis in Denmark in 2015. It received a lot of Danish media attention, while the mural “Coming to America”, a collaboration between Balstrøm, Welin, and Søren Arildsen, depicting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un grinning while having a donut and a milkshake, gained attention in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.” – Read all of the BIO here


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