Street art by Toctoc; Bébé-Duduss in Lyon and Paris

Street Artist Toctoc

By Toctoc in Vieux Lyon and Paris, France.

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BIO: The creative and passionate street artist Toctoc is just like his characters: funny and endearing. His studies of applied arts provide him with a framework in which his imaginative spirit can develop freely.

In 2012, Paris saw its walls covered with “Duduss”, minimalist figures caricatures of famous figures such as Batman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Beatles, etc. His characters, which he first painted on the walls, ended up having their place in exhibitions, books, comics … Toctoc painted on walls all over the world (France, Reunion, United States, Italy, England, Kuwait, Germany, the Netherlands…) to bring color and good humor to the streets.

His creativity also allows him to deal through his Duduss lightly with more engaged subjects, such as the defense of the environment and animals.


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