“…And World’s Collide” by street artist Hero Veiga in Massachusetts (4 photos)

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    Photo by Karen Brockney

    Street Artist Hero Veiga

    By Hero Veiga at 24 Lakeside Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts, USA for POW! WOW! Worcester.

    Hero Veiga: It’s as if I’m staring in a mirror. A deep dive into what life was and is for me now. Who I wanted to be versus what I became versus who I feel that I am now. As far behind as the past is I still feel a direct connection to that kid from the projects, to my family in the struggle, my issues with my identity, graffiti and Landy. I’m very much so aware of all that has happened and though I would never want to experience some of those things again, I am grateful for who I became and how I got here.

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