“The Brave of 9/11” by Brazilian street artist, Eduardo Kobra

Street Artist Eduardo Kobra

By Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra made 2018 at 780 Third Avenue in Manhattan, New York, USA. In honor of the firefighters at 9/11 2001. The mural is based on a well-known photo of a grieving firefighter that appeared after the attacks.

Eduardo Kobra: On September 11, 2001, one of humanity’s greatest and most symbolic tragedies occurred in New York: the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, leaving nearly 3,000 dead and the entire world in shock, seriously injured.

This mural not only seeks to convey the sorrow for so many dead and to show solidarity for so many who lost their loved ones in the attack –and, later, in War on terror, unleashed on that fateful day–, but also serves to extol the courage of men and women who, working in the rescue, gave their lives or lent their physical and mental health to try to mend the scars left by the attack.

The image, a retelling of Matthew Mcdermott’s celebrated photography, shows Mike Bellantoni – one of the many heroes who fortunately survived the historic day.

“In the specific case of this mural, I pay tribute to the firefighters who fought bravely that day. At the same time, I believe this image also symbolizes our regret for all the lives that have been harvested.”

“The image contains details that allude to the historical episode. On the helmet, I wrote the numbers 343. This is a reference to the number of firefighters killed that day. There is also a representation of the Twin Towers and the United States flag. The stars represent all the lives lost in the tragedy – which left nearly 3,000 dead”.

“Finally, the colors have a goal: to convey a message of life, of restarting, of rebuilding”.

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