Another world is possible (BLM and portrait of Karl Marx and Mark Hamill)

Street Artist Vinci Vinci

Mural by Vinci Vince in Montevideo, Uruguay, 2018. Created in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Uruguay, the French Embassy in Uruguay, and the Intendencia de Montevideo.

Goethe-Institut Uruguay: Artists from Germany, France and Uruguay made a mural in the October 8 tunnel commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. As the director of our Institute, Katharina Ochse, told the press: “The Goethe Institute in cooperation with the French Embassy took the bicentennial of Karl Marx as an opportunity to discuss what remains of Marx today, what we can do. learn from him. (…) The idea of inviting three artists from different countries was to get very different perspectives from people who have had very different experiences in their past with the ideas of Marx, “he said. The artists who took part were Various & Gould (Germany), Vinci Vince (France) and Min8 (Uruguay). The organizers: Goethe-Institut Uruguay, Embassy of France in Uruguay, Municipality of Montevideo We are especially grateful for the support of Municipality B, Municipality CH and Mides.

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