Aim for the Stars – 3 murals by Artez

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    Aim for the Stars

    By Artez for Runaway Street Art Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.

    About this town

    By Artez in Madrid, Spain.

    Artez: Mural tells us the story of Madrid, a place where visitors from all around the globe are welcome to come and enjoy the vivid artistic and cultural content that this city has to offer. Positioned in the very center of the town, this mural creates a contrast with the pedestrian shopping street in which it is located. Instead of carrying shopping bags, girl depicted on the mural is holding a pile of books important for the history and culture of the city, and a plant with a small birdhouse that is inviting all the “birds” to come and feel like home.

    Preparing for Pugnaloni

    By Artez at Urban Vision Festival Acquapendente, Italy.

    Artez: The mural is inspired by the large mosaics of flowers and leaves (2.6m wide and 3.6m in height), called “Pugnaloni”, that are made in honor of the Madonna del Fiore, which is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of May. This ancient tradition dates back to 1166. and the time when people of Acquapendente rebelled against tyranny. Nowadays, more than eight centuries later, hundreds of people divided in teams gather every year in order to keep the tradition alive and compete in creating the most beautiful “Pugnaloni”

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