Energy Inside by Deonis Thekko in Kaluga, Russia

Graffiti Artist Deonis Thekko

By Deonis Thekko in Kaluga, Russia.

About Deonis Thekko

Deonis Thekko (previous names: Denis Thekko, THEKO, THK, MRKO) multidisciplinary artist, began artistic activity in the early 2000’s. The main activities are street-art, mural-art, fine-art, graffiti.

Deonis Thekko: I am inspired by the desire for self-development. This process, like a meditative practice, raises to a new level with each successful product. Therefore, I cannot stop at just one way of expression and I am constantly looking for new, more unexpected, individual and unique techniques, materials, formats and forms. The visual power of the work is mostly important to me. Many creations and failed experiments remain deep in personal experience, and their matrices are destroyed like a dead-end branch. Only pieces which contain potentially new can survive or it can be a step in the right direction. For me, art is a tool of evolution.

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