A good host turns places into friends (5 photos)

By HERA in Karlstad, Sweden. Photos by Strangefruit

Street Artist HERA

By HERA in Karlstad, Sweden for Karlstad Street Art curated by Huderrederre. Photos by Strangefruit.

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HERA: Because I work when I freestyle i came to the wall without a sketch and spend my time listening to what locals said about Karlstad. Every detail of this artwork was inspired by some info I came across at the spot, but also its overall theme about hospitality.

The words on the upper left side read “Sola i Karlstad” which was the nickname of one particularly friendly tavern waitress and innkeeper in the city back in the 18th century; Eva Lisa Holtz. I think it’s absolutely amazing that the city even has a statue for her. How many cities in the world can say that they consider a sunny disposition and kindness as monument-worthy traits? I just love that!

So, that and the fact that being a good host is a ton of effort, I felt like I should dedicate this mural art to everyone who uses their time on earth to nurture others. And to unite others, no matter how far apart they usually sit.

By HERA in Karlstad, Sweden. Photos by Strangefruit
By HERA in Karlstad, Sweden. Photos by Strangefruit
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