The guitar of trees

    Photo by Marcoguoliphoto

    5 years of work to complete this masterpiece

    Marcoguoli: This property called “The guitar of trees” is located in the extreme south of the province of Córdoba, 20 km north of General Levalle. The idea of ​​creating this drawing visible from the air was conceived by Graciela Yraizoz. But due to her premature death, it was her husband Pedro Ureta who carried out the work in the late ’70s. The park is 25 hectares, 2,500 meters long and 400 meters wide. It is made up of pine, California cypress, pineapple cypress and medicinal eucalyptus.

    It took Pedro Ureta and his employees 5 years of work to complete this masterpiece, starting from little plants between 15 and 25 cm 🌿. Pedro passed away on September 19, 2019, when he was 79 years old. The ranch is still under the care of his children Ignacio, María Julia, Soledad and Ezequiel.

    The characteristic form of the stay can be appreciated only from the air, but by contacting the official blog you may be able to book a visit within the premises.

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