“A fabric to conquer the world” by HOPARE in Paris (250m2 artwork)

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    Street Artist HOPARE

    By HOPARE at Forum des halles Paris center in Paris, France. Photo by Ride & Paint and Visual Xplorer.

    Alexandre HOPARE realized, alone, a fresco of more than 250m2 in this popular place, the biggest center of exchanges in Europe: the belly of Paris. This face is a memorial landscape for Alexandre HOPARE. It emerges like a memory or perhaps it is already fading. It is a movement of the soul that also bears the trace of other journeys, to be discovered on the stole.

    HOPARE: “A fabric to conquer the world” My new temporary work proposes to cross local and global history and will invite the public on a tour of the world by following the trajectory of the patterns on the stole of this woman. This face is a memorial landscape. Does it arise like memory or is it perhaps already fading?

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