Dumb Fishes (Nicolas Barrome Forgues in Antibes)

Street Artist Nicolas Barrome Forgues

By Nicolas Barrome Forgues at Festival Nuits Carrées in Antibes, France.

BIO: Nicolas Barrome Forgues is an illustrator and artist based in Paris that for more than 18 years has developed a surrealistic universe applied in different aspects of visual art. After studying in the Applied Art school of Bordeaux, he started to work on different illustration techniques and bringing color to the public space with murals that create strong ties with the audience.

Since the beginning, he has searched for new forms and improvements in the visual expression, experimenting with shapes and deeply concentrating in the texture. His universe is fully detail and rich with images that seems often simple to the first sight but complex in the second reading, and as the viewer remove layers its able to find more significance messages in his work.

In his wide universe you can find characters for all audiences and ages, making him a multi-faceted artist. Using as inspiration the great masters of art, travels, nature, food and cinema. You can find his work either on a wall in a lost part of the world, in one of the biggest cities or in the most popular commercial campaigns in France, adapting to the region or the concept, but always preserving the spirit of his signature, his own very special universe and also his aim of making the witnesses smile.

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