‘Shattering’ mural on climate change by Leon Keer in Helsingborg, Sweden (6 photos)

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    Photo by Leon Keer

    Street Painter Leon Keer

    By Leon Keer in Helsingborg Sweden at ArtStreet Hbg.

    Nice 3D effect and interesting motifs on the cups if you look closer.

    • Green – oil rigs and a polluted beach.
    • Pink – a stranded broken abandoned boat.
    • Brown – a dead moose.
    • Blue – a far from equal meeting between settlers and Indians.

    Leon Keer: The mural depicts the story of climate change. As fragile as the cups are is also our earth. The cups are recognizable as tea cups from Rörstrand, the famous ceramics from Sweden. Size is 15 x 7,5 meter. Every street art piece is unique and belongs to the street and its residents, the temporary fact about this artform strengthens its existence.

    More by Leon Keer on Street Art Utopia.

    Photo by Leon Keer
    Photo by Leon Keer
    Photo by Leon Keer
    Photo by Leon Keer
    Photo by Leon Keer

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