Street Art by Plotbot KEN in Berlin, Germany (8 photos)

Urban Artist Plotbot KEN

By Plotbot KEN in Berlin, Germany.

Plotbot KEN:

Chernobyl, Fukushima, what’s next? Asse2, Bikini Islands… Wherever you look, its everywhere. Profit and greed pestered science from its beginning.

Its only luck plus the work of the so called liquidators, the biorobots, we can live life the normal way. But keep in mind the half-life. Radioactivity has enormous potential handled the right way. Endless power.

So far we used it only for bombing. We dumped the trash into our oceans, buried into our grounds, right next where we live, where we eat, our families. Can we say they never proofed the existence of these weapons in Irak for instance? Take a look at Irak now.

Abandoned tanks left to rot

Girls best friend is a doll made from abandoned warhead. depleted Uranium, anti tank ammunition. Undetonated, just left in the field. The boys earn there money on the junkyard.

Abandoned tanks left to rot. Hidden by one of those projectiles. Its basically heavy metal. Wolfram anything “could” do it and does. Every shot is a sure shot. Once hidden, the metal spins its way through any armor and make it explode. bad news for the crew.

What means depleted uranium? Where does it come from? And why we re shooting at each other instead of teaming up cleaning up the mess we have done on planet earth.

All the money and energy for nothing but paranoia. cold war never stopped, just changed. now this nukes cost nothing but money to recycle, maintain.. So many accidents in peacetime. Bombers just crashed with all their payloads. H-bombs.

Sunken submarines with boiling reactors. Just a drop of water away from a disaster. Containers with all kind of shit, even the whole reactor units are laying on bottom of our oceans. ticking timebombs wherever you look. Plutonium on great Britain’s beaches all around the island.

Remember Bikini? go see the dome they build. simple concrete cover all junk that was created in the days. nuclear energy and weapon production has created such a mess already. The irony is, as far as i know. they just used it the wrong way from the beginning. Uranium / plutonium fuels. radioactivity and nuclear is way more then this.

Some substances are way more stable and easier to handle then these 2 fuels. Plus you cannot use it to play god and kill everyone. Sometimes i wonder if that’s the main reason for all the hustle to get the most weapons. Too bad these are kind of outdated and easy to track. Bad for them, good for us. And in the end good for Planet earth and good for them.

Photo by @just.aintcare

Nature is always the winner

But don’t be foolish, whatever we do, we just killing ourselves. Nature is always the winner. And everything that adapts. Animals, Plants, everything is so adapted however things are, it finds the balance naturally. HUMANS DONT ADAPT. they are too clever for this. evolution made us so ignorant to forget all about this.

The way we live is only a matter of time until nature will exclude us from here. its naturally. Don’t take it personal. And good luck surviving down under in a shelter wearing full protective gear all day in order to survive.

However its nuclear, harmful UV rays or poisonous shit created from years of excessive pollution, when the air is full of Sulphur and fire is raining, for how long you can make it in that suit? we re about to getting an idea these days, do we?

Photo by @photocomtesse_qshlhasi

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