Mural by Martín Ron in Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Muralist Martín Ron

    By Martín Ron in Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photos by @joacaba and @franciscobuduba.

    Martín Ron: “Magic, illusion, reflections and gaze are some key words that I was collecting from the people who come to tell me their interpretations of my new work 💫

    📍Located at Av. San Martin 185, Bernal. The best thing is to see it live.

    ✨ In these times full of uncertainty, I hope that this huge dividing wall works as a meeting and reflection point. I highlight the enormous effort of real estate developers who understand that the exit is also for art 🙌🏼 Hopefully it is contagious, that they are more encouraged to build bridges with their community. Bringing breezes of hope to the people and keeping this noble activity alive.”

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