Rule Breaker by Lego Jacker (8 artworks)

“Some people believe in making rules. And some people believe in breaking rules. Sometimes the best inspiration and ideas come from not following what everyone else does.”

Photos and text by artist Lego Jacker

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Yellow 💛 | The colour of yellow is often used to mark boundaries, to forbid people to cross the yellow line. For me however, it is a colour that reminds me of my childhood and inspires a space to dream and play. What’s your favourite colour?

“Own It, Fix It | ‘It’s my own responsibility and I’m going to fix it.’ Hoping I can bring this perspective into my new year.”

“Reaching Out | Never underestimate the power of a kind word, or asking someone how they are doing. When a person is struggling, reaching out to them can make a real difference.”

“Borders | If people create borders around you, don’t be afraid to see the beautiful possibilities on the other side.”

“Open Your Eyes | When you look at the state of our planet, it is easy to become overwhelmed. A climate crisis, a refugee crisis and a continuing disrespect for indigenous people is dividing our community. Ignoring the suffering, injustice and inequality around us might make us feel better, but it won’t change anything. Or we can open our eyes to our individual responsibility, commitment and power to bring change in our own small ways.”

“Isolation | Maybe all this time in isolation will allow us to hold onto things that matter the most and let go of things that matter the least.”

“Protected Zone 😷 l The World Health Organisation has declared coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic. They define a pandemic as ‘the worldwide spread of a new disease’. Thinking of all those most affected, including my friends in the ‘protected zone’ of Italy. Most of all, I am hoping that in this rapidly changing global situation, we do not forget our humanity and the importance of being kind to others.”

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