Fight against Covid-19 (5 photos)

In Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. By Mr.Dheo: // Instagram // Facebook

Mr.Dheo is a Portuguese artist.As an autodidact, the first contact with graffiti appeared at the age of fifteen and soon his drawings turned into countless letter studies. Months later he did his first street painting and started to meet other artists to whom he related and that motivated him to carry on.Today – after two decades of continuous work – Mr.Dheo already made interventions in over forty cities all over the world. He collaborates with well-known international brands and companies although he keeps the street as the perfect place to create. Versatile, he dedicates himself mostly to photorealistic productions which, together with graphic components, give him a very personal style in constant growth and development.

“Nurse Sofia, fortunately, isn’t part of just two of these numbers. In March she was infected with Covid-19, not in a restaurant or a bar, not hanging out with friends or attending a cultural or sports event, but working at S.João Hospital in Porto.

Nurse Sofia wasn’t lucky by being asymptomatic, she was infected for two months and faced long and hard weeks to recover her full capacities.

Today, November 9th 2020, she is at the covid-19 and medicine units but dressed in blue, again on the side of those who care and help others, most of the times exhausted, so often putting on hold basic things that us – on this side – take every day for granted. Nurse Sofia, like so many other Sofias, will do this month alone and among others, seven shifts of 18h working non stop. Earning 7€ per hour.” <— Mrdheo

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