Cat! – Street art by Näutil in Réthoville, France (9 photos)


    By Näutil in Réthoville, Manche, France.

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    Näutil, what is street art for you?

    “It is everything but the institutional or authorized things. It is as the opposite, it is a way to interrogate, to provoke some reflexion, political, philosophical as well as artistic and poetic.

    It is a non-perfect art, capable of accompanying a little bit of non-perfect people (us:) and in many ways regarding some subject, to awaken again a desire to start paying attention to little things that we do not do or see anymore. It is a way to propose reverie.

    But also some political interrogation because we must not forget that the bases, the ethical foundations of graffiti were subversive and kind of ” antisocial ” at least anti institutional and provocative.

    It’s a challenge too. To start at four in the morning not to be caught (I was in a few weeks making a chameleon near Utah beach, goddess!) Hoping to have the right weather, the good inspiration after the rendezvous the blockhouse or some other surfaces. It is also very technical sometime, with micro and macro perspective, 3D effects, contrasts of colors etc…. (never natural one, I don’t paint on trees, rocks etc). Because I like the connection with the prohibited part, and also the connection with nature.

    For me it is important to put words on each piece of my work, I do that with someone who is on the same page as me, and it makes me able to complete my graffiti, because it is kind of a story, that people are free to be reinterpreted with their own mind and heart.”


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