HUGE (10,000 m2) artwork by Saype in Decazeville, France (7 photos)

Land art by Saype in Decazeville, France on Mur Murs Festival

Saype used more than 10,000 m2 of biodegradable paint for the artwork.

In his own words: “We were invited by @murmursfestival to realize a fresco in Decazeville (FR). The idea of the festival is to dynamize the region through art.
This spot was the biggest coal mine in Europe and later became a beautiful place with nature and animals. It was a great chance for us and so touching to work on this place with a such history. I decided to paint again a child who is drawing his imagination, full of hope and optimism… For me representing childhood is also representing ourselves. What are our values? What do we want to let to our children? Which world will we leave behind us?”

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