Street Art by näutil – Lego

Street Artist Näutil

By näutil in Saint-Pierre-Église, France.

I was born and raised where lots of blockhaus was already there, but without tag or street art on it. They was like enormous rock virgin and at my 14 years old, we started, me and friends, to graff on it, to be proud or ashamed if it was not enough inventive or nice, well it’s like someone who started to learn walking among other who are too, it was fun, interesting, challenging and poetical too. – näutil

Street art has change my life step by step because I started to realize that I was able to realize kind of a dream, well, a strong inner project: it was possible for me to ‘’move’’ people in both ways: poetically (well I hope so at least time to time) and geographically. – näutil

On of my favorite anecdote : a kid was inside the blockhaus where I have painted a big elephant (7 meter high) and then his father was calling him and he answer “wait dad, I’m inside the elephant, I’m coming !”. Well, it is very rewarding to provoke that kind of poetry, to help kids or people to reconnected themselves with little small thing that make souls and desires happy or filled. – näutil


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