On Burning Man by Alexander Milov – Two adults back to back

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    Burning Man 2015
    Photo by Emily Rosen

    Sculpture LOVE

    By Alexander Milov at Burning Man 2015.

    LOVE demonstrates the outer and inner expression of human nature. The protagonists are a man and a woman sitting in disagreement with their back to each other. Their inner selves are depicted in the form of children trapped inside metal adult bodies, holding their hands out to each other.

    The sculpture is a symbol of our inner purity and sincerity that brings us all together, no matter what the differences.

    Emily Rosen: “This. Two adults back to back while their inner child reach for each other. Stopped me in my tracks while biking around the playa my last night at Burning Man. All the art was remarkable but this piece sincerely touched me. How simple and true. How quick we adults can be to turn our backs on another. Fear can often run the show. How important to remember the parts of us that wish to connect in the purest of ways. Love first. Love always. Remember to remember.”

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