Guinness World Record: 100 international female street artists mural

Street artist Miss Hazard adds her addition to Leake Street Tunnel

By Miss Hazard.

“Femme Fierce, the largest all-female street art event in the UK is dedicated to unearthing and highlighting the best of the burgeoning female artists on the street art scene. Coinciding with International Women’s Week, Femme Fierce is a celebration of women that create art in studios, lurk in dark alleyways, scale roof tops, enter abandoned buildings and add colour to the grey concrete walls that make up our cityscape for the love of the covert and oft-maligned world of street art and graffiti.” Femme Fierce.

In Leake Street Tunnel, south London, England.

A mural of a cat, by Susie Lowe:Suzko

A mural of a cat, by Susie Lowe:Suzko 2

By Susie Lowe/Suzko.

Street artist Roo's graffiti

By Roo’s.

Mural by female street artist Zina

By Zina.

Double-faced smiling woman, by Thieu

By Thieu.

Graffiti of woman smoking a cigar, by CBLOXX


Caris Knight's bird mural

By Caris Knight.

Zabou's witty graffiti

By Zabou.

Cake presents her own colourful lettering

By Cake.

Amara Por Dios adds to the Leake Street Tunnel mural

By Amara Por Dios.

Two naked ladies painted by Saki & Bitches

By Saki & Bitches.

Miss C's tattoo-inspired street art

By Miss C.

Elno's spray-painted mural

By Elno.

Claire Rye's GOT (Girls on Top)

By Claire Rye.

Street Art by Hannah Adamaszek 564

By Hannah Adamaszek.


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