By Alice Pasquini in Jersey City and New York (USA)

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    AlicePasquini_Wall2_InProgress_JerseyCity_2014_PhotoJessicaStewart.jpg 1-fixed
    AlicePasquini_Wall2_InProgress_JerseyCity_2014_PhotoJessicaStewart.jpg 2-fixed
    AlicePasquini_Wall3_In Progress_Inwood(NYC)_2014_PhotoJessicaStewart-fixed

    By Alice Pasquini (Facebook/Homepage) in Jersey City and New York. All photos are by Jessica Stewart.

    I have just finished a three wall project in New York and New Jersey that tells a short story over the course of the murals.  The first wall,painted on an abandoned pizza place in Rockaway Beach (Queens, New York), shows a girl sending a letter on a paper airplane above the words “From Aways” a play on the name “The Rockaways.”  This is an area that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. They are still rebuilding and this wall is part of an initiative by Beautify Earth to revitalize the area.  The second wall, organized by Savage Habbit in Jersey City, shows the paper plane flying in the sky as the sender and recipient watch.  In the last wall, located at the Amistad and Muscota schools in Inwood, the letter has finally arrived in Manhattan and it being read by the recipient.  What’s on the letter is left for the kids in the schoolyard to decide.  I’ll be releasing a video shortly that records their interpretation of this little story.

    Alice Pasquini

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