Street Art by Mogul – In Stockholm, Sweden

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    Street Art by Mogul in Stockholm, Sweden 465

    On Facebook. By Mogul in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Andreas Lindahl.


    1. I�m basing my own judgment not with an eye on the past, but rather an honest assessment of the present. Despite the upgrade of the judging panel, the talent is abysmal. I haven�t watched last nights idol but from what I hear, it was worse than last week�s episodes and last week�s were painful. The ratings don�t lie. This season is a lost cause already, and I do sincerely hope they figure out how to fix it for 2015.

    2. Thank you so much Lizzie, that is exactly what I wanted to hear! Who knew right? I was shocked (and often heart-broken) doing research for this issue. Hopefully we will see this issue start to gain traction in policy and mainstream media coverage!

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