Philip Romano covered car in chalkboard coating – Letting people draw on it


    Chalkboard coated car as canvas in New York, USA 1

    From Prafulla:

    Philip Romano parks his car, coated with chalkboard paint, all over New York City and invites people to draw on it.

    He might be the only New Yorker who welcomes people to graffiti his car.

    Artist Philip Romano, 20, covered his 2004 Hyundai Elantra in a chalkboard coating and invites strangers to draw on the ride. He even provides the chalk.

    “When I’m going places, I park it and write, ‘Draw on me,’” said Romano, who is majoring in psychology and linguistics at upstate State University of New York-Geneseo.

    Romano, from Armonk, Westchester County, said he has parked the car on the upper East Side and in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and comes back to find it covered in colorful chalk drawings.

    “It’s sort of a chameleon. You never know what it will look like,” Romano said.
    The Harry Potter lookalike says it’s magical how his car — which boasts the vanity plate DRAWONME — lifts folks’ moods.

    Chalkboard coated car as canvas in New York, USA 2
    Chalkboard coated car as canvas in New York, USA 3
    Chalkboard coated car as canvas in New York, USA 4
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