7 beloved Street Art Photos – July 2013


    This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page july 2013!

    Click on a photo to see it bigger.


    Street Art by A'SHOP at Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada
    On Facebook. By A’SHOP at Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada. Photo by Kris Murray.

    Street Art by DALeast in Los Angeles, USA
    On Facebook. In Los Angeles, USA. By DALeast.

    Street Art Walkers
    On Facebook.

    Street Art by Hopare in Orsay, France 1
    On Facebook. By Hopare in Orsay, France.

    Street Art by SAINER in Gdynia, Poland
    On Facebook. By SAINER from Etam Cru in Gdynia, Poland. Photo by FOT. ALKA MURATMore.

    Street Art by Fin DAC in Madrid, Spain. Photo by Miss Kaliansky
    On Facebook. By Fin DAC in Madrid, Spain. Photo by Miss Kaliansky.

    Street Art by David Walker at the Sliema Street Art Festival. Photo by Asperholm Productions in Sliema, Maltas
    On Facebook. By David Walker. From Sliema Street art Festival 2013 in Sliema, Malta.
    Organized by Add More Colors: Facebook / Homepage.

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