9 beloved Street Art Photos – June 2013

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    This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page june 2013!

    Click on a photo to see it bigger.


    On Facebook. In Tijuana, Mexico. Photo by Allard Schager.

    On Facebook. By Man o Matic.

    On Facebook. By Pejac in Spain.

    On Facebook.  Border Hammock by Murat Gok in Istanbul, Turkey. More information here.

    On Facebook. In Bristol, England. JPS.

    On Facebook. By Seth. In Paris, France. Photo from Street Art Paris.

    By L7m. More by L7m:  Street Art by L7m – A Collection.

    On Facebook. By Sam3 in Blanca, Spain.

    On Facebook. At Rue Édouard Lockroy, Paris 11ème arrondissement, France.


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