Occupy Wall Street – A Collection

Photo by jamie nyc.

Photo by david_shankbone.

By Banksy. Photo by duncan.

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Photo by Tim Schreier. From Newser: “So far, 15 of my fellow Marine buddies are meeting me there, also in uniform. I didn’t fight for Wall Street. I fought for America.”

Photo by stanleyrogouski.

Photo by jamie nyc.

Photo by sunsetparker.

Photo by magneticart.

Photo by magneticart.

Photo by R. Flynn.

Photo by ljensenconsumer.

Photo by ljensenconsumer.

Photo by thelushside.

Photo by Elene De’ Mymm.

Photo by jamie nyc.

Photo by waywuwei.

Photo by edenpictures.

Photo by sunsetparker.

Photo by erika eve.

Photo by stanleyrogouski.

Photo by sam mullins.

Photo by hunter.gatherer.

Photo by Erik Fuller Photography.

Photo by vincemie.

Photo by blulaces.

Photo by david_shankbone.

Photo by occupywallstreet.

From Alternet.org:

“To be fair, the scene in Liberty Plaza seems messy and chaotic. But it’s also a laboratory of possibility, and that’s the beauty of democracy. As opposed to our monoculture world, where political life is flipping a lever every four years, social life is being a consumer and economic life is being a timid cog, the Wall Street occupation is creating a polyculture of ideas, expression and art.

Yet while many people support the occupation, they hesitate to fully join in and are quick to offer criticism. It’s clear that the biggest obstacles to building a powerful movement are not the police or capital — it’s our own cynicism and despair.

Perhaps their views were colored by the New York Times article deriding protestors for wishing to “pantomime progressivism” and “Gunning for Wall Street with faulty aim.” Many of the criticisms boil down to “a lack of clear messaging.”

But what’s wrong with that? A fully formed movement is not going to spring from the ground. It has to be created. And who can say what exactly needs to be done? We are not talking about ousting a dictator; though some say we want to oust the dictatorship of capital.”

“Now, there are endless objections one can make. But if we focus on the possibilities, and shed our despair, our hesitancy and our cynicism, and collectively come to Wall Street with critical thinking, ideas and solidarity we can change the world.”

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