10 Most loved Street Art Photos – Januari 2011

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    More in 3D here.

    More in Lego here.

    More in 3D here.

    More Little People here.

    That’s some of the most loved photos from Street Art Utopia on Facebook – januari 2011.
    Most loved february 2011.


    1. no…if it’s kitcher statue made for tourists with no context with the place or the city………..and i know what i’m talking about…i live there and i’m studing art:)

    2. the statue of a worker in a street in canal is no art at all, its just a stupid statue built for tourists in Bratislava, Slovakia!!!! Really no “art” at all here!

        • Sculpture is an art form, but street art as the term is accepted to be defined in done exclusively on an unofficial basis and without a monetary motive. Anything out up to attract tourists is not street art.

      • Yeah. because statues/ sculptures aren’t art. get some culture. it may not be street art, but its art.

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