10 Most loved Street Art Photos – Januari 2011


    More in 3D here.

    More in Lego here.

    More in 3D here.

    More Little People here.

    That’s some of the most loved photos from Street Art Utopia on Facebook – januari 2011.
    Most loved february 2011.

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    1. no…if it’s kitcher statue made for tourists with no context with the place or the city………..and i know what i’m talking about…i live there and i’m studing art:)

    2. the statue of a worker in a street in canal is no art at all, its just a stupid statue built for tourists in Bratislava, Slovakia!!!! Really no “art” at all here!

        • Sculpture is an art form, but street art as the term is accepted to be defined in done exclusively on an unofficial basis and without a monetary motive. Anything out up to attract tourists is not street art.

      • Yeah. because statues/ sculptures aren’t art. get some culture. it may not be street art, but its art.

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