Street Art by JPS – A Collection (+40 photos)

    I entered the game in 2009 a feral junkie in recovery who had grown up surrounded by crime and poverty it took a lot of adjustment, I went from crazy crack houses to painting in houses in Norway that were so flashy I was astonished.

    Trump, Kim and Borris – Street Art in Glasgow Scotland

    By The Rebel Bear. In Glasgow Scotland.

    In New York, USA – By Icy And Sot

    Coca Cola Molotows by Icy And Sot.

    Street Art by Scampi – In Wellington, New Zealand 2

    On Facebook. By Scampi in Wellington, New Zealand. Thanks to Apple Sparks for the photo!

    By Les Enfants Terribles in Düsseldorf, Germany

    By Les Enfants Terribles in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Street Art by Nick Walker – In Paris, France

    On Facebook. In Boulevard Beaumarchais 11° arr, Paris, France.Thanks to Enrica L'inconsolabile Geraci for the photo! In Paris, France. Thanks to Street Art Paris for the photo! By...

    Street Art by DECYCLE – In Berlin, Germany

    On Facebook. By DECYCLE. In Berlin, Germany. Photo from artkissed. Photo from artkissed.

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    ‘Stroll’ by Slinkachu in Russia (4 photos)

    Little People artist Slinkachu By Slinkachu in Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia. More by Slinkachu: Little People – A tiny Street Art Collection (1 of 4)

    Human Steps – Trash Art by BORDALO II

    Trash Artist BORDALO II By BORDALO II on no waste. Photo by Mike Doorline. More by BORDALO II on Street Art Utopia.

    Government Spy – By The Rebel Bear in Edinburgh

    Street Artist The Rebel Bear By The Rebel Bear at N Jct St in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. More by The Rebel Bear on Street Art Utopia.

    Flower mural by KOHIN

    Street Artist KOHIN By KOHIN.

    Street Art by 0331C – A Collection

    On Facebook. Street Artist 0331C By 0331C.

    Conevid 19 – By Banksy in London, UK

    Street Artist Banksy By Banksy (2005) in London, UK. More by Banksy:  Street Art by Banksy – A massive Collection (100+ photos) 14 Great Banksy Street Art Photos...