san francisco


    Collection of works by Isaac Cordal from 2013

    Remembrances from nature. San Francisco, USA. Homeless. Anderletch, Belgium. Follow-the-leaders. San Jose, California, USA. American dream. San Jose, California, USA. Brainwashed. Capitola, California, USA. Funeral for a concrete figure....

    Mosaic Staircase in Inner Sunset, San Francisco, USA

    On Facebook. In Inner Sunset, San Francisco, USA. Photos from Meliora. On Facebook. On Facebook.

    In San Francisco, California, USA

    On Facebook. In San Francisco, California, USA. Photo by Dallan Guzinski.

    Mosaic in San Francisco – By Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher

    On Facebook. Thanks to Benita Marquez for this photo and info!: The beautiful mosaic tiled steps of 16th Avenue & Moraga Street. Artists Aileen Barr...

    Colour Rain – By Chris Wiedmann in San Francisco

    In San Francisco, California, USA. By Chris Wiedmann. Photo by Troy Holden.

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    “The Great Robbery” by GOIN in Grenoble, France (on patent waiver)

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