“Primal Truth” by NYCHOS in Mannheim, Germany (8 photos)

    Street Artist NYCHOS By NYCHOS for Stadt Wand Kunst at Neckarvorlandstraße 17 – 19, 68159 Mannheim, Germany. From Stadt Wand Kunst: With rock music in his...

    Sisters helping brothers helping sisters – In Mannheim, Germany

    On Facebook. On Facebook. On Facebook. By Herakut in Mannheim, Germany. Photos by Emmanuel Brochet (on Facebook). More by Herakut on Street Art Utopia.

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    Cutest Bookstore on Wheels (7 photos)

    They call it the Bibliomoto In southern Italy, in the region of Basilicata, a van-motorbike turned into a mobile library roams the streets of its...

    Meow meow (5 photos)

    Street Artist Tianooo The Cat By Tianooo The Cat in in Manchester, England and Berlin, Germany. Tianooo The Cat: Ladies and Gentlemen, Hermanas y hermanos, here...

    Mural on the tragic story of the Radium Girls, who suffered horribly with radiation poisoning from painting watch faces back in the 20s

    ‘Radium’ by street artist SHOK-1 Mural by SHOK-1 at Rue des Envers 63 in Le Locle (Switzerland), the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking. Curated by Exomusée. SHOK-1: This piece is...

    Skeleton and Frogs mural by SMUG in Paris, France (5 photos)

    Street Artist SMUG By SMUG in Puteaux, Paris, France for GRAFFIC ART FESTIVAL. Photos by Jérémy. More by SMUG: Street Art Murals by SMUG – A Collection 2

    Don’t panic, Look around, Interact with reality

    Street Artist Vladimir Abikh Mural by Vladimir Abikh on the Dinosaur Game in Kolomna, Russia. About: Vladimir Abikh was born in 1987 in Ekaterinburg. He got...

    When Street Art meets Nature (35 photo collection)

    Street Art that interacts with nature Street art is at its best when it is part of its surroundings. These are some of the most...