guerilla gardening


    Wanted: photos of guerrilla gardening and other green street art

    Help us! We need photos of guerilla gardening and other green art! You can post your contribution here on Facebook or here on Twitter.

    The live plants needed time to grow – By Fin DAC in Portland

    The live plants needed time to grow By Fin DAC in Portland, Oregon, US. Model @missymtoyz. Fin DAC: "This piece was done a couple of years...

    Guerilla Gardening by TOY Crew – In Berlin

    [youtube Guerilla Gardening by TOY Crew in Berlin, Germany. Video on SAU: Publicerat av STREET ART UTOPIA den 18 november 2016

    Street Art in Rosário, Argentina

    On Facebook. In Rosário, Argentina. Photo by Fagner Martins.

    Guerilla gardening

    On Facebook. Thanks to Karolina Lidia Pawelec for the photo!

    Inspiration for your Guerilla Gardening! – In Phuket, Thailand

    It's spring so here you have something to inspire your Guerilla Gardening! Botanical apartment therapy in Phuket, Thailand. Two nice ways to do it: On Facebook. On...

    The Green Carpet – In Jaujac, France

    On Facebook. In Jaujac, France. Made fore the celebrate of the 10th year arts and nature trail programs.From Gaëlle Villedary/On Facebook. Photos by David Monjou. On...

    TOP POSTS (24 H)

    Mural on Palazzo Farnese by JR in Rome, Italy

    Street Artist JR By JR on Palazzo Farnese at Piazza Farnese in Rome, Italy.

    When they shoot, we shoot

    Street Artist HIJACK By HIJACK. More by HIJACK: Street Art by HIJACK – A Collection (42 photos)

    George Washingstone Stone & Pebble Portrait by Justin Bateman (+8 more artworks)

    Land Artist Justin Piers Bateman Stone & Pebble Portraits by Justin Bateman: Webpage // Instagram // Facebook How do you see your role as an artist...

    Time to turn the heat down

    We want trees not this shit. More adbusting: 12 Zevs Classic Street Art Pieces Eyesaw – A Street Art Collection Vermibus Process – Adbusting in Berlin, Germany

    Graceful lace pattern by NeSpoon in Malmö, Sweden

    Street Artist NeSpoon Graceful lace pattern by Polish artist NeSpoon in the Sofielund area of Malmö, Sweden. For Artscape. NeSpoon: The design is based on the pattern...