Tetris stairs – By Dihzahyners in Lebanon

    On Facebook. By Dihzahyners in Beirut, Lebanon. Photos by Nadim Kamel.

    17 beloved Street Art Photos – October 2012

    This is some of the most beloved photos on our Facebook Page October 2012! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click on a photo to see it bigger and get information about...

    By Dihzahyners Project – In Beirut, Lebanon

    On Facebook. In Beirut, Lebanon. By Dihzahyners Project.

    By Strictlydih-zahyners in Beirut, Lebanon

    On Facebook. By Paint Up in Beirut, Lebanon. Thanks to Jubran E. Elias for the photo.

    TOP POSTS (24 H)

    ‘Stroll’ by Slinkachu in Russia (4 photos)

    Little People artist Slinkachu By Slinkachu in Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia. More by Slinkachu: Little People – A tiny Street Art Collection (1 of 4)

    Flower mural by KOHIN

    Street Artist KOHIN By KOHIN.

    Agua del Loira – By Taquen in Gien, France (7 photos)

    Street Artist Taquen By Taquen in Gien, France. Photos by @fabe_co. Project curated by URBAN ART AGENCY (U2A) and managed by LaBel Valette. Taquen: Water has always been...

    Edward Scissorhands by DavidL in Barcelona, Spain

    Street Artist DavidL “Edward Scissorhands” by DavidL in an abandoned house in Barcelona, Spain. More by DavidL on Street Art Utopia.

    Government Spy – By The Rebel Bear in Edinburgh

    Street Artist The Rebel Bear By The Rebel Bear at N Jct St in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. More by The Rebel Bear on Street Art Utopia.

    Street Art by 0331C – A Collection

    On Facebook. Street Artist 0331C By 0331C.