Impressive art! – Video of 3d art from China

    Impressive art! - Video of 3d art from China

    3D Caravan on Concrete! Incredible!

    Odeith was born in 1976, in Damaia (Portugal). He held a spray can for the first time in the mid 1980’s. In the 90’s, when graffiti began its dissemination throughout Portugal and began to leave its Portuguese birthplace, Carcavelos, Odeith had his first contact with this movement. His first experiences were sketching on street walls and train tracks.

    How To Paint a 3D Bus on concrete – By Odeith (video+photos)

    Early on Odeith showed a special interest in perspective and shading. In an obscure style which he later called “sombre 3D”

    By SCAF – In Lorraine, France

    Dinosaur skeleton - Photo by nid2graff.

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