Banksy Bush

    Street Artist Banksy By Banksy. More by Banksy:  Street Art by Banksy – A massive Collection (100+ photos) 14 Great Banksy Street Art Photos and Quotes!

    Mural by Kalouf and Cart’1 (Villefontaine, France)

    By Kalouf and Cart'1 in Villefontaine, France for Les Roches en Couleur.

    Mural by MUTUS in Belarus

    Street Artist MUTUS By MUTUS in Leninskaya Str 87 Mahilioŭ, Belarus for Центр Городских Инициативmogilev.

    “Shirt Mask SOW03” by Nuno Viegas in Lisbon

    Street Artist Nuno Viegas By Nuno Viegas in Lisbon, Portugal for Muro Festival. Nuno Viegas: For this mural I experimented playing with the throwers in the background to...

    Ocean mural by HULA (in Saint John, Canada) Street Artist HULA By HULA in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. More videos by HULA.

    Mural by Julien De Casabianca in Memphis

    Street Artist Julien De Casabianca By Julien De Casabianca in Memphis, USA. Invited by Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.

    THÉMIS & ORION by AKHINE in Pleyber-Christ

    Contemporary Artist AKHINE By AKHINE in Pleyber-Christ, France for MX ARTS TOUR. Inspired by the beautiful dolls of Sis Popovy.

    Graffiti pieces by Steven Castillo at The walls art park (US)

    By Steven Castillo at The walls art park in Waverly, Tennessee.

    SpongeBob (HTP) SquarePants

    Street Artist Jak Umbdenstock SpongeBob by Jak Umbdenstock in Strasbourg, France for Colors Urban Art.

    REPUBLIC OF MONKEY human business (by WAR! in Vannes, France)

    Street Artist WAR! By WAR! in Vannes, France. Photos by Alain Photographie. As in the film "The Planet of the Apes", the Orangutans are the decision makers, the Gorillas...


    FRENCH FRY GIRL by Tom Bob in New Bedford, US

    Street Artist Tom Bo By Tom Bob in New Bedford, Massachusetts, US. More by Tom Bob: Street Art by creative genius Tom Bob (33 Photos)

    When they shoot, we shoot

    Street Artist HIJACK By HIJACK. More by HIJACK: Street Art by HIJACK – A Collection (42 photos)

    Mural on Palazzo Farnese by JR in Rome, Italy

    Street Artist JR By JR on Palazzo Farnese at Piazza Farnese in Rome, Italy.