Boring Buildings transforms into art (32 photos) – Seth a Collection

Born in Paris, Seth began to paint on the walls of his city in the mid-90s. Before becoming a full-time artist, Seth works in the creative industries: advertising, cartoons, comics. He painted in the street for his pleasure.

Street Art by creative genius Tom Bob (33 Photos)

With his vivid imagination the New Yorker Street artist Tom Bob conquers the streets with his crazy creations. He transforms the most unusual items, mainly urban furniture into art. Tom Bob refuses to simply live in the world. He’s reshaping it.

41 of the most beloved Street Art from Chile – 2010-2019

This is a collection of some of the most beloved Street Art from Chile! Most photos taken last 10 years.

Street Art by RNST – 13 photo Collection

In France: Paris, Dijon, Grenoble and Bayonne.

21 photos – A Collection of Street Art by Nikita Nomerz

Street Art by Street Artist Nikita Nomerz from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
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