7 Photos of Street Art by David Zinn (Autumn Theme!)

In Which Nadine Amuses a Dragon and Makes Autumn Happen

Chalk Artist David Zinn

By David Zinn in in Michigan, USA.

David Zinn has been bringing smiles to faces worldwide with his delightful street art. Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Zinn is a self-taught artist whose unique brand of creativity has given rise to a diverse collection of creatures that peek out from sidewalks and walls in the most unexpected places.

With nothing more than chalk and charcoal, Zinn conjures up cute characters—among them his green monster ‘Sluggo’ and the philosophical flying pig ‘Philomena.’ His works are characterized by a playful fusion of 3D illusions and street art, often interacting with their environment in surprising ways.

Zinn’s art is a welcome deviation from the norm, inviting passersby to pause and find joy in the mundane. His temporary pieces, alive with personality and heart, remind us of the impermanence of art and life, urging us to savor the moment.

Nadine and the Last Autumnal Swimmer

Perry doesn’t really need a scooter, but he likes the crunch of the leaves and the wind in his tail
Nadine and the Log Cabin


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