4 Photos of “The Beach” by NEAN in Nîmes, France

Muralist NEAN

“La Plage” (The Beach) by NEAN in Nîmes, France, for L’ Expo de Ouf.

The captivating image showcases a remarkable example of street art that transforms an ordinary city building into a piece of art. The painting covers the entire side of the building, depicting a dark, massive tree structure with blue and brown leaves sprawling across the wall. In the foreground of the painting, a young figure is depicted sitting on a swing, which hangs from the tree.

The figure is silhouetted with details highlighted in light and dark tones, giving it a shadowy appearance. The background is painted in warm golden and orange hues, symbolizing a sunset or dawn. This contrasts beautifully with the darker shades of the tree and the figure on the swing.

The details in the painting, from the intricate patterns of the leaves to the sharp lines of the figure, demonstrate the artist’s skill and ability to create depth and dimension on a flat surface.

The street artwork is not just a visual delight but also a reminder of childhood innocence and the everlasting beauty of nature amidst the concrete jungle of the city.

More by NEAN: “Solace” by NEAN in Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon, France


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