4 photos of the mural “Solidarity, Helpfulness, Community” by Lukas Zimmermann and Case Maclaim in Heimerzheim, Germany

Muralists Lukas Zimmermann and Case Maclaim

By Lukas Zimmermann and Case Maclaim in Heimerzheim, Germany for Dr. Hans Riegel-Stiftung.

Lukas Zimmermann about the mural: Theme of our Mural was about “Solidarity, Helpfulness, Community”. I interpreted a historical painting of Carl Spitzweg called “Reisende Künstlergesellschaft”, because the original painting from 1870 reminded me to the floods here in 2021. It’s exactly two years ago. The flood had a big impact in everyone’s life here. The memories shaped my paintings a lot. To paint such a big wall, in one of the affected towns felt like a great honor.

More by Case Maclaim: The Fabulous Tale Of Being Different


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