“Unbreakable” by Kal Dea in Paris, France (7 photos)

Muralist Kal Dea

“Unbreakable” by Kal Dea in Paris, France at 84Amelot.

Kal Dea about the mural: “Unbreakable” – What has been broken so many time can’t be even more broken, so pick the pieces, wipe the dust and stay strong my friends, stay resilient. The vase is inspired by the “ming vase” of the Orient Italiano collection from one of my favorite porcelain designer GINORI 1735.

The girl inside the vase is named “Alessandra “. Just beside the wall there is some homeless people living there, one of them “Andrei” from Sicilia was keeping saying while looking at my wall that is sister has disappear, i asking him why? He answer me that he hasn’t see her for years, so she disappear. Then i told him that the girl on the wall will be named Alessandra like his sister, and now he keeping saying that the girl i painted on the wall is Alessandra, like his sister.


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